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New Guild Battle System

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  • New Guild Battle System

    S293 Stormcrag
    Class – Knight lv 54

    System Guild Battles

    Make categories, so in case of merging servers no guild who were curently participant would stay out. This happened on s293 Stormcrag to TheDen guild and i'm sure there are other guilds who share same fate. So i suggest that you create new system for Guild Battle so every guild higher than 3 or 4 lv could participate. And for this you could create category in which guild can participate.
    Like Category : Light – Guild lv3 to 5 or so
    Medium – Guild lv 6 to 8 or so, and
    Hard – Guild from 9lv up
    Of course, names for categories and other stuff i leave to r2 own design.
    Also you could make possible for chalenges betwen guilds, which could be posible only for guilds who are not in same categories. So if guild from Light and Medium categories reach several continuous wins (like 10 or so) and hold 1 rank in curent categories they can chalenge higher categories guild for participating in higher categories. There are probably other options that you can include. This is just quick and rough sketch for this event.

    1. Making categories as i mentioned
    • Light - Guild lv3 to 5
    • Medium - Guild lv6 to 8 and
    • Hard – from Guild lv9 up
    • This selection should be made for first time participating guilds.And later after first round they could be ranked by battle rating (BR) After successful challenge higher category they should move on and stay in new category.

    2. As for challengers guilds they should pay contribution for their challenging higher category rank. For each succesfull challenge they should be rewarded for further inspiration. If not their moral will decreased and lost interests for game. Each guild who want to challenge must have enough contribution or wealth to satisfy condition. Let say to challenge, guild must have enough contribution or wealth to meet condition. If condition is 10000k guild must pay 10000k contributions to have right to challenge. And half the sum of payed contribution should be divided to chalenged category guilds, the other half could be returned after successful challeng (or 75% to guilds in challenged category other 25% back to challengers). One more thing guild who challenge higher rank category should fight only the last positioned guild in challenged category.
    Contribution quota should depend on category rank. Quota should be calculated as example:
    • Light category 1000k
    • Medium category 2000k
    • Hard category 4000k
    • Single guild contr. Min. 1000k
    • So if we do a simple summary: Category+number of guilds=contribution to pay. Let say for category Light who has 15 guilds come 16000k contribution.
    As for weakly participation, my personal opinion is, because of magnitude of event it should probably be each third day (like MON and THU) so each category has oprtunity to complete tournament. Of course r2 if it's possible can do this event the same amount as now (3 times per week – MON, WED and FRI).

    3. First three ranking guild should be rewarded with contribution points or guild chests or any other rewards that's acceptable for this event. R2 should consider the wishes of players.

    4. Additional you could also reward first three players in each first three positioned guild in every category with special event rewards like kyanite seeds(not the smallest but those who bring maximum harvest) or ...

    5. Announce first three positioned guild in each category like you announce player(Balenor sweethard and so)(» Guild *** Category *** take *** place«) or ...

    TheDen Member opinions
    Mephisto - 1. I think it should be based on battle rating instead of guild level.

    Ivanhoe - 1. I don't think it's executable. You must look broader there is not just one guild but tens of guild and some have very low br. That is why i maked an option of challenges. So each guild who overgrow category have option to challenge for place in higher category.

    Mephisto - 2. Guilds that buy in can only challenge others who bought in.

    Ivanhoe - 2. In that case each guild will have to pay to enter certain category from very start. So to who will they pay? if there is no one in? That's why only challengers pay.

    Mephisto - 3. Set a time frame like a week, and at the end whichever guild has the most wins (like a round robin tournament) gets bonus contribution points. 4. Maybe some sort of title, training whips, soul stones, etc. Just some thoughts

    Ivanhoe - 3. i think that's feasible. Will do.

    IronBeard - And there should be a promotion/relegation as well - say bottom of medium plays top of light, bottom of hard plays top middle if they have been placed in the same position for 2 or 3 consecutive weeks

    IronBeard - Rewards will be interesting - maybe VIP Wheel Spins for the Guild Battle players - only those actually in GB, would help get more players in GB and avoid the no-one arriving to play thing that happens

    IronBeard - so we basically put money in and winner takes all? I like that idea - whoever wins the challenge keeps the money. So only challenge from lower up?

    Ivanhoe - No, contribution goes to all guilds in challenged category.

    IronBeard - If they do revamp it - take away the towers and leave a central tower, both teams fight each other to take and hold that tower. Winner keeps the tower for 5 minutes

    Ivanhoe - I like the idea, but to hold tower for 5 min in one go. I don't think is possible to hold it so long.

    IronBeard - The time limit can be changed - or give points for time held. But I really don't like the current GB system

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    I know this draft is still incomplete, so please give your opinions. But in the same time i encourage you to thoroughly think from every posible viewpoints on what you want additionaly to be in this event. Thank you for yours cooperating.
    With best regard, Ivanhoe.


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      U wrote so much, ! I myself didnt read it at all ,guess everyone is doing the same, and maybe cause this is not gonna be implemented anyway... ! well dont wanna discourage u but thats how it is,... At least thats how I think it is !


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        If you want your suggestion to be heard, you need to write in the 7Roads forums (google: 7Roads Wartune forums).
        Officially retired from Wartune and Forums.
        [No longer logging in]


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          Thanks for the tip. Will do.


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            7Road forum? this one?

            you'll need google translate for it