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askin advice from other players.. :)

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  • askin advice from other players.. :)

    bcoz of terrible amount drop of BB.. im askin for advice might help me most for present.

    currently I have 1000BB..,
    so im thinkin what would be best to do for it..,

    1. Double skill tree
    2. or save up till have 1999 for a wing?

    im a free player.. thanks in advance

    --lvl64 mage--

    and 1 more I almost forgot.., im near LD .., and when I got the title only then i'll pump my lvl..
    wondering if lvl65+ campaigns and mpd drops more BB coz I notice lvl50+ campaign drops 2BB while lvl60+ is 3BB "drop amount"

    I just don't know the "drop rate"... maybe the rate increase on higher dung?
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    since your a mage i would say get a second skill tree
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      Tough call really, Wings add a lot starting in the 60's but at the same time double skill tree adds a TON of quality of life.

      I would probably go double skill tree right now though since the reset cost is utterly insane now that the voucher change is gone.
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        your br matters in this case, because sometimes there is a special event which gives you wings for a certain amount of br. Even so don't forget about the gem transposers, i think it is hard at that level with lvl 5 gems max


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          oh my BR currently is 70k wheel blessed.. 62k normal.
          no wings.., 3clothing all lvl2.., I already got the lvl6 gem transponder.. tnx


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            In the last such event people received the apollo wings for 62k br + (wheel blessed). Even thought next time shall probably be higher I believe you can meet the requirments, so I suggest double skills as well.
            You should also know one thing though:
            -5 fashion cores can upgrade the wings to lvl 2 for free. take this piece of information into account before deciding
            -your first skill tree is probably a mess trying to have a little of everything and it costs to much to reset it
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              ok.., I will take you guys advice! thank you and happy gaming!


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                I wonder if they'll ever reduce Reset and Bag cost tho...

                Even if you get Double Tree, some players do tend to use Vouchers before to reset for certain events.

                Like changing skills to fit Class War better, etc.

                Or going into the next dungeon that requires a different amount of points into different skills, etc.


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                  Got bad news for you after nerf of BB you will hardly make it for wings but if you dont have any better save up cuz wings do boost nicely .