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to engulf or not to engulf =)

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  • to engulf or not to engulf =)

    Good afternoon all. I have a lvl 49 blue apollo, a lvl 53 white pan & a lvl 43 white iris. 3 sylphs in total. so my question : is it a good idea to engulf my level 53 pan to apollo to make it stronger? ... TIA =)

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    Why not farm a gree/blu pan & iris and u feed the white on em??


    • #3 lazy =D


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        answer: no. You need 3 sylphs for the arena. More over you can give experience to 3 sylphs at once : 1 your main that receives experience with you, while the other 2 are meditating


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          When you engulf, only half the XP is transfered over.

          Apollo takes more XP than the others.

          Also if you head to the engulfing screen, you can see how much XP your apollo would gain and where it would leave him level wise. This way you can make a more informed decision.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Sylph.png
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          The bit the arrow points to, flashes between the current level of the Sylph and the level they would gain if you go ahead with the engulfing.
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            I got 2 green pans 1 green iris all of which took a large amount of farming pan 59 pan 47 iris 43 I gave up trying for a blue since ya don't have 24/7 to farm for one, but only thing I see that's lame in arena is a lvl 45 blue pan can kill all my greens, kinda stupid in my opinion


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              indeed there is quite a difference between green and blue pan/iris. Thats probably why apollo seems so op in the first place. Anyway you might dislike it now, but you'll like it later. We were lucky enough to start working at our sylphs from the very beginning and later on threads shall start with complainings that we have high level sylphs. Our answer shall be same as in the hs case ofc : 'we worked for it' hahaha


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                thanx guys. these are all the info i need =)