I know that some people like to fly through levels to get to Lv.70 as quickly as possible (resulting in a 20k battle rating), but for those of us who know what makes a good character, world prosperity is a major curse. My Lv.48 knight receives a world prosperity "bonus" of 89%, which means my acquisition of gems and crypt tokens is roughly halved. This is NOT a good thing.

If you're going to have world prosperity, why can't you at least make it optional? Maybe give that experience bonus in the form of experience books or something so those of us who don't want extra experience points can just discard the experience instead of nerfing our own toons with piles of experience that does next to nothing for our battle rating?

And please don't say that I can just spend the extra experience on talents. You can spend experience on talents without world prosperity, too, and spending on talents does not fix the fact that we're being penalized for not leveling quickly. Fast leveling makes a lousy toon.