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Sylph Character Stat Boosts

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  • Sylph Character Stat Boosts

    Could someone tell me how each Sylph, particularly Iris and Pan, boosts your main characters stats?

    Which stat and how much?

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    That is really dependent on what you need,

    Sylphs are weird in as much as they serve 2 roles.

    1) Boost your main character
    2) To win the the Sylph Arena

    So I would have to say people might have to go look at the Chinese severs are and see if anyone has come up with a magic formula.
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      I know sylphs boost your characters stats in some way even when you are not using it. That is what I am trying to find out.

      Which sylph increase what stats and by how much?


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        Sylph gives your char following stats when equipped:
        Their own hp + the passive boost (pan 5%hp, iris 3% mdef+pdef, appollo 5% mdef)


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          100% of Sylph HP is added to character HP
          IE: Iris have 5000 HP, your character gains 5000 HP when this Iris is your Active Sylph

          Iris passive when active - +3% M-DEF (some say it also adds P-DEF)
          IE: Character have 10,000 M-DEF, with this Iris active, you now have a total of 10,300 M-DEF

          Pan passive when active - +5% HP (this adds to the above Sylph HP -> Char HP)
          IE: Character have 50,000 HP, +5000 from Sylph HP = 55,000 HP +5% HP = 57,750 total HP

          Apollo passive is same as Iris, but gives +5% M-DEF (however, some say it doesn't add to P-DEF, only M-DEF)

          Awaken Base Damage = Character Highest Attack (either Physical or Magic) + Pet Attack
          IE: Character have 10,000 P-ATK, using an Iris, this gets changed to M-ATK
          Sylph have 500 INT = +/-2000 Pet ATK added to Character = 12,000 Base Damage

          STR adds nothing for Iris
          INT adds nothing for Pan

          Sylph Armor is only for Sylph, this does not add anything to Character

          Sylph Endurance adds to Sylph HP (and thus goes to the above)

          However, Sylph's "Growth" is currently unknown and no one have calculated or figure out how it exactly works.

          IE: At what points does END APT adds which amount of HP from Sylph Endurance
          At what points does INT APT adds which amounts of Magic Base Damage from INT?

          What this means is, INT may or may not be 1 point = 4 dmg conversion.

          For all we know,
          maybe 1000 APT is 1 INT = 2 M-DMG
          or 1500 APT is 1 INT = 4 M-DMG

          no one knows.

          My Iris says this:

          STR Apt: 267 / 594
          AMR Apt: 1205 / 2679
          INT Apt: 1689 / 3749
          END Apt: 1697 / 3768

          Strength: 658
          Armor: 674
          Intellect: 895
          Endurance: 674

          Physical ATK: 316
          Physical DEF: 889
          Magic ATK: 2720 ( 2000+720 )
          Magic DEF: 2091
          HP: 7762

          Now... without adding in the bonus M-ATK, it would mean per INT gives 2.235 M-ATK...
          but this is most likely modified by APT, but where's the bonus M-ATK from? or is APT = bonus M-ATK?
          Or maybe 2000 is just the Base Attack if you did not add any points into INT.
          Than the INT you add are the bonus M-ATK?

          If we calc 2720 into 895 INT, it gives 1 INT = 3 M-ATK for 1689 / 3749 (or 45%) of INT APT.
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            Thanks for this man, Have not seen anyone break it down so concisely yet.

            Helped me understand it all.

            You rock!
            - Very helpful site for new players