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MPds and TOK or spire

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  • R220855318
    started a topic MPds and TOK or spire

    MPds and TOK or spire

    hello game masters /organizers

    we are facing a big problem now . when you are in the city you cant access hall of heroes so y depend on the world invitation . some of these invitation are made by people who already start the event or MPDS then all of the sudden you are there at last boss mainly losing trial , locked with people y may not even run with and losing all awards . so what
    i am proposing if you may, to give us a message that pop out in such case saying like that this event is already started do you want to continue or proceed then it is up to player to decide .

    dear sir
    if you keep the situation like what we have now .there a lot of hate even between the players because some think that they are trapped as such .

    thx for reading
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  • JkLoser87
    +1, would be nice to be prompted "Are you sure you wanna join? This dungeon has allready been started"

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