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Energizing Friends TOA daily quest

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  • Energizing Friends TOA daily quest

    Why has this quest been removed?
    The 4 minor HP Packs you received were very handy.
    You now have to use valuable gold to replenish your health.
    I seem to struggle to get them from anywhere else.
    Does anyone know if there is a way to get packs from anywhere ingame?(The drop rate from Guild wheel seems to be 0%)

  • #2
    It's still there for lowbies, they get the Daily Quest.

    I think at some level the quest stops.

    The only places to find them is...

    Catacomb (random, x2 if you use crypt key)
    Guild wheel
    Guild Shop
    Mystery Shop (balens)


    • #3
      i got it at guild alter a few times after patch(large ones)
      Sarcasm Intended


      • #4
        i'm just shy of 30 million in hp pot and i'm a knight, so how do u need more?


        • #5
          Click image for larger version

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          hp really not hard to get


          • #6
            You are VIP you don't use HP that why you have so much !!!


            • #7
              VIP does nothing to hp refill. vip use it as much as non-vips.


              • #8
                It's Spirit Covenant, not vip...
                I need a hammer to whack the BG nutcases.


                • #9
                  BTW, no one is saying HP isn't hard to get

                  OP is saying to get HP pots without spend mass gold to get it.

                  Not everyone gets Major HP pot on every Guild Wheel, LOL, even if you do, you probably wants Crypt Key and Socket Rod instead.

                  Plus, be the tank for dungeons all the time, you'll see how fast your HP disappears.
                  Worse if you're an archer tank because there was no knights around (which actually happens)

                  Also, do Guild Ward Tower rushes and not just stay at a Tower doing nothing at all. LOL
                  This will take your HP super fast.
                  Most people that have a lot of HP are actually lazy in guild battle.
                  Go ahead and show your Guild Guardian Title if you can. (without the use of Covenant)

                  I do 1 HP ward tower rushes, because it's stupid to buy HP potions after every run.