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Opt-out for MPs

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  • Opt-out for MPs

    With population getting lower on some servers despites TONS of alts and the 1 attempt on MP-Tok-spire an opt out button would be great. This way some could help the lower chars do their MPs-spire-ToK .

    Many players have different time zone making not so compatible to do MP with them to help without busting the 1 attempt i have.
    Not eveyone can play all day


    Bahel S15
    75 mage

  • #2
    mp's yes but not spire or tok

    u just end up with big leagues dragging **** toons n alts to extreme levels everyday! so i say 100% no to tok n spire

    and mp they can help after a run of their own level but it be nice to help them before that
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