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Farm: Tree of the Ancients EXP

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  • Farm: Tree of the Ancients EXP

    What is it and how does it work?

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    You can give your tree 5 exp per day by clicking on it "have to wait on cooldown between each click". when it has an icon over it, the rest must be done by people on your friends list. When it is fully charged. You can receive daru and kaynite from harvetsing it once per day. Resets at midnight. The amount of Daru and Kaynite you receive is base on your farm level.
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      It says +3, +5, etc, but it only adds 1 energy each time?


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        Energy is different from farm exp.


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          +3, +5 is based on your friendship with them and it shall add to your friendship.its a good way to increase your lvl of friendship with everyone . This helps in multi player dungeons a lot


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            How can you tell how much tree of the ancients exp is needed between you and a friend to increase a level in friendliness?


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              Tree EXP and Friendship exp are separate, Tree exp is m ore like "it takes this many charges to fill the tree" but has the added benefit of raising friend exp, friend exp can be seen on your friends list by hovering your mouse over there the heart icon.
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                Even maxed out tree isn't all that great. Should be awesome if the server was still as active as it was, but r2 makes so many servers, older ones get so empty, you don't really get that much anymore...
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