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Automted Sylph Cultivation

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    If they would even turn the auto attack function back on for sylph farming it would help, flipping back to click next sylph while doing other stuff on a different page would make it a bit easier to deal with.


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      Agreed that something has to be done about the mind numbing task of attacking a single Sylph for 1 essence, then collecting 60 for one Sylph - ridiculous. I would have to quit work just to collect enough to 'possibly' get a single green.
      Frustrating to say the least
      and no possible way to ever get a blue - unless we start getting Mahra in the shop, or maybe find one on a Sylph?? Mwahahaha

      So - AFK Mode is nice, Meditation is nice, increase drop rate nice
      - hunting 1 sylph at a time, for a 1/60th piece of a sylph - insane!


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        I would rather get a Sylph Exchange system.

        Exchanging certain amount of unbound White Sylph Seals for a higher level version.

        IE: exchanging 50 White Sylph for 1 Green Sylph, exchanging 10 Green Sylph for 1 Blue Sylph, etc etc.


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          Originally posted by jamesbacmon View Post
          that is lame.. the bot
          bot or BE the bot
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