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Help me pls !!!

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  • the_punisher
    started a topic Help me pls !!!

    Help me pls !!!

    Id : JinKazama
    Class : Archer
    sv :[s58]Lambridge Stronghold

    G M Can you make PM (Private Message) can to copy and paste? I am very difficult to translate the chatter of my friends,
    with copy and paste I can quickly translate it using google translate.
    you can do that, as the system is used? Im indo and Im bad in English and other languages.
    Additionally, why there GM if they ol in and just sleep?
    if im wrong in talk im sry. ty ^.^V

  • Arlad
    But you still can copy PM chats, only a bit trickier now.

    1) open a PM
    2) click chat log
    3) block the text you wanted to copy (be aware that the block is almost invisible due the dark background)
    4) ctrl+c
    5) ????
    6) PROFIT!!!

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  • MemoryLane
    Moved to suggestions and feedback.

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