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    sorry, I apologized, I found out my posts before, dark is physical attack, but most of ppl will not own this sylph, the reason is simple, it is even more expensive than apollo,

    so in conclusion, lightning sylph output dmg is highest and FREE, so that most of ppl will choose it rather than dark, regarding about knight class war, all the knights should choose MATK type sylph.

    forget about dark sylph, unless you ready to spend another $500 bucks more on it.

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    the best introduction of 6 sylphs I can find by now is here: (please use google translator plugin in chrome)

    Quote Originally Posted by KarrdeThuun View Post
    Do you know more about the skills? I saw that each sylph has 14 skills for sale in shop, like ~11 blue 50s, ~2-3 epic 70 skills, but I can't read chinese so don't know what any of them do.

    Originally posted by IggyBousse View Post
    Seems my post didn't fail in the end...

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      Originally posted by Halifax View Post
      your comments failed, think about it, with the same level and power apollo, mage or knight, who can win? Obviously mage wins, reasone is quite simple: apollo is MATK type, and mage's MDEF is naturally higher than knight.

      This is about a battleground scenario. The problem for the knight class has always been wiping the mages troops in order to get to him. 1v1 a knight of similar strength always wins. The same is true for an archer though to a lesser extent.

      The sylphs give the physical classes an opportunity to use two strong AoE (Apollo) to wipe out these troops. This has always been the problem beforehand. Or, it gives them one extra AoE plus oh wait you get a Restoration spell on top of that, something neither Archers nor Knights ever had.

      Then we add the small and insignificant fact that both Apollo and Iris add to MDEF (though Iris adds to PDEF as well which is probably a bug) and what have you, well, sylphs that deal magical damage against enemy troops (which are almost always physical) and boost their players' defenses against mages.

      The sylphs add nothing that the mages did not have all along. AoE. Heal. That's the main problem about it. Single target EDD as Sylph? Forget it.

      We'll see with future updates but as we have it now we only have three sylphs, all are overpowered and a must, only two are really viable (except in Mages CW), and all favor the physicals to an enormous extent.
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        Well something should be done, as it is now this is how I experience a battle playing out...I select attack skill..opponent selects attack knights attack..i attack and select next skill..opponents troops attack..opponent waits..opponants sylph attacks, opponent attacks troops attack i attack my slyph attacks and around it goes. So in one turn including troops i make 3 attacks..every second round of attacks my slyph adds 1 attack. Opponent for 1 phase attack gets 5-(6 if archer) hits to my 3-4. If my troops fall..then hahahaha im taking up to 6 hits in one turn, if opponents troops fall before mine..they taking up to 4 hits per turn o.O. At lvl 54 i have over 9 k pdef and 8024 mdef (lvl 5 gems) and still getting pawned due to taking massive amounts of hits and my damage output cant match it. Im really hoping the 55 set will improve things for me abit, its also made me decide to go for 60 pve not 50. So sick of losing battles where theres one hit in it..and my opponent gets the win because they allowed to hit me 2-4 times in that one turn (if archer slyth in turn they get 4 hits in that one turn) GGGRRRR. heal on block helps but is no match for the damage Im taking (HP= 46K) Mages and archers dont need double hit now they got slyphs for that hit, thats why it gone...... but give double hit back to knights or increase our attack rate!!