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  • why?

    why archers and knioghts attack twice in 1 turn? is it bug or they have chance to attack twice?

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    Happened to me too a few times, turns out it is either a bug or you lag, i fixed it by adding extra Ram to help the game run smoother, but if you lag something causes to make the system think your turned has passed, and they get another shot in
    'Cuz I'ma CandyMan~


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      it's just a cool down, when knight going for an default attack and the player clicks a skill , it's charging is already over by the time it reaches it's spot back imo


      • #4
        happened to me-mage- a lot..cast the skill at same time..but they could attack twice..i fell somehow mage castin skill is slower on this game..


        • #5
          some skills are faster and some are slower, even for ranger there are slow skills, and also you could have casting debuff on yourself which means your oponent will cast 2 spells when u cast only 1, this debuff is from deep freez or paladins


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            my griffin was stunned them..but still they attck 1st than my mage..


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              Not sure if its considered a glitch, but you can force double attacks easily. 2 attacks, one of them will always be a normal attack followed by a skill. Easy to do on NPCS, but difficult on player fights due to lag and timing differences