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Server Merge?

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  • Server Merge?

    My Server S281, got merged in the past with s278 and then with s265+s268,

    in the recent merge list my server is not included, all the servers below up and above us are beeing merged...

    our server is prety much dead, alot of people quited, alot got bored and does nothing....

    only 2 guilds in the server and no action no nothing... like 50% of the top players quited already or semi-quited, login say hello see nothing changed and logs off...

    did r2 forgot our server? or what happend? cuz all the servers above us and below us got merged.. with who we will merge and when? in 3 monthes? if yes tell us so we can all quit now and leave this ghost server.

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    Nobody knows.
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      r2 business play, merge young servers, get the most out of the new players you can. Those servers get merged once or twice within the 2 months of opening.
      After that, you're on your own bro. We have it bad too here, but if you want to talk to people who have it worst, go ask servers 100-.

      I find it disgusting how r2 does not help out older servers. I honestly doubt this is even legal how they let servers die out like that.
      I wonder how they would react if someone made a review of it on sites like IGN or Gamespot, wonder how it would end up for r2.
      If they continue like this, major gamesites won't wait long for this, and r2 will screw themselves over due to for being negligent.
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        New severs make more money.

        Also, I bet you my left arm that they prioritize sever merges based on how much sales any given sever is doing. If it is not a big cash severs it is doom to die, that is what I think anyway.
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