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Talent and skill calculator idea

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  • Talent and skill calculator idea

    I would like if R2 would post a Talent Calculator like you have for skills.

    I would also like you added a feature in the skill one where you can remove a point instead of having to reset when you sit and work basicly make it so you can add and remove without having to start over, same would do for the Talent.

    Basicly i would love to have a full working Talent Calculator for Talent's so I and others can work out in what order to upgrade I do not think everyone just dump in Holy Seal to max first before even doing the other talents.

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    Anyone actually have made this for us since R2 does not seem to want 2?


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      the skill calculator also needs to be revised as its a bit inaccurate with some of the requirements


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        Has anyone made this since R2 seems not to willing?