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  • Multi Character.

    I notice alot of player keep bring this topic up, but don't know if it was ever brought to your attention. I myself would love it if a feature was implemented where a player can have multiple character under the same account that we can switch between as we feel, Rather that multiple accounts. No item, or skill share or anything between character, just stuff like over all acct things, such as balens, and Vip. it would make things more interesting all together giving player the choice to start from the start if the have gotten bored, or if the just want to try a different character all together

    Player please share your thoughts on this idea!
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    you can still do it if your server is merged, select a server which is merged with your server and create a character easy pss.... keep it a secret


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      Not what i mean, I ment being able to play multiple characters on your 1 server. Example im playing on Kabam and on R2. On my kabam im a knight, but i would like to have an archer as well. Only problem is i have to create a completely new account. and have to switch between browsers or accounts. something like this would make the game much more diverse. Don't you think.
      If you get tired of the same skills you switch character for a lil. or if you just feel like building a character from scratch for the challenge you have the option to do so. and the could make it so that only your VIP and your Balens are shared. since thats is your actual money you invest into in.


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        yes it is annoying to switch between browsers, I agree. The only way possible to play more char from the same account is the one mentioned above. So in case you get tired of a class skills and want to start over on the same server, you'll have to create a new account.(the class chance suggestion was ignored)
        About the sharing thingy, many proposed to be able to do so, to buy gift/balens for someone else, to be able to share their balens with the others. For some reason, r2 refused to do so. For now all you can do is to figured out from the beginning how much you would like to spend on each and recharge each of the characters separately.


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          I know of that way to share as well, But i made this Suggestion to R2, And the proposed if enough player show interest in this feature on this forum they will work on it.
          and this idea for share i think is better under the Character suggestion. cause if you wish to purchase a 10k Balen package. it would allow you to spend 5k on one character and 5k on the other while still on one acct.