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How many balens I need to spend to become Strong?

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    Originally posted by anichaos View Post
    to be number 1 on cross-server, you need to spend more than half a million US Dollars. (to buy all mount, to max everything)

    Than quit after that because you'll be too bored cause you got nothing to do since you obtained everything.
    After quit, u'll regret the money that u spent can buy house and car ... lol ..


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      Originally posted by TjiTzUr View Post
      have only used 1,2k $ sofare and im lvl 66 with 86k br and alsmot vip 9 so u dont need to but that much balens.... like other ppl have say just wait for the right momnet to buy ur stuff
      It depends to the ppls goal ... to be no 1 in cross server, top 10, top 50, top 100 .. or only for get strong with no goal and just fun especially chat

      I've spent $ 300, Not strong enough but not too weak, as I am in lv 73 with BR 97 k with vip lv 7 ...

      As u said ... spend wisely is more important to us ...


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        you dont need 10m balens to be strong.

        just maintain abt 10-20k balens monthly at a new server,

        maintaining that sum plus smart spending will probably get you top 10 ranking in about half a year of playing.

        but definitely not the title balenor top warrior


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          more patience means less expense, buying something when they are on sale, this policy also works in real life.

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