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Holy Seal lasting only 1 Turn in EVERY try

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    Another thread asking a valid question being turned into a HS cry thread.
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      I'm glad I'm not worrying about me being stunned (and eventually) being beaten in bg.

      Cause after I get the Grim Reaper title, I'll nevah evah do bg again (unless it is an event quest)..

      Currently level 58, so I get no problem if I get stunned, I still defeat them in that bg bracket.

      Though I would say that some player still stun me for 2 rounds - when I have already maxed my HS...

      The cap for level 55-59 players of HS is level 10... I have already maxed mine, and I still get stunned for 2 rounds (happens oftenly)..

      Which makes me conclude, that if you have same level of HS, there is a chance you will be stunned for 2 rounds.


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        Originally posted by Erick_Ribeiro View Post
        How do you know that? There's any source of this information?
        from my pvp expirience in bg


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          Originally posted by CondorHero View Post
          Another thread asking a valid question being turned into a HS cry thread.
          It is so many ppls cry ... and never respect the ppls that has played for years can have a reward ... they just only want win .. don't care anything .. don't want HS ? spend balens to make ur char strong, so when u get stun u can win as this is "pay 2 win "game ...