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Apollo Abuse

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    More useless crying, wait till patch part 2, when we can farm for more sylphs and we get anti apollo ones, and can upgrade slyph rarity, us who buy apollo / got lucky on free boxes etc are just getting a bit of cheep fun :P

    + blue slyphs are just as hard *** as apollo slyphs are. Don't want to pay into the game, well then get grinding you cheep *** fool! :P
    Foul Marsh - S328
    Knight 60+


    • #47
      purple apollo is tough bule is soft.
      Sarcasm Intended


      • #48
        archer with apollo is a deathgod for non apollo knight, my 24k pdef being so useless when thos apollo awekend
        -West Coast S115


        • #49
          its all usles cuz r2 ignroe ppls they care only money so relax and play or leave like 35% alredy did


          • #50
            Iris is better than Apollo, cause Iris heals, while Apollo does not.

            This is really true if your toon is a knight... In bg, you want to maintain full hp as possible, not relying on star points.

            Plus, in dungeons and 3v3 arena, healing helps your comrades... Helping each other is more beautiful than getting all the glory for yourself.

            Plus, Iris is a female (no one would argue with this, right?)... So she's more beautiful, thus, better than Apollo (?)


            • #51
              i got my azz handed to me by a big apollo in bg other night. got hit for 40k hp in one hit. that seems a bit excessive to me. however that will not stop me from playing in bg or cw I just know that as a non casher I can not and will not ever be able to compete. my hopes is to run into fellow players like me and then I can go toe to toe with them


              • #52
                Apollo is worst in Tok NM, every day I can't pass round 5 anymore, even when they are completely unequiped.
                They still have their purple apollos and those deal 10-15k to us, that's insane. They deal more to us than their masters.
                Player Class: Archer
                Battle Rating : 162k+

                ^ Manly purple!


                • #53
                  i dont run nightmare in tok but i hhave to agree it has upped the challenge for sure in it