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Cashers and Non-cashers Clarified!!

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    Originally posted by Galvon View Post
    Non-casher, never complained, i can beat some cashers, due to skill.

    I've told the cashers on my server before, br doesn't say everything, i rather look at the actual stats, and sometimes i'm surprised with how much mage attack a knight has...

    It's simple, patience, time, strategy, commitment.
    You forgot a major key to doing a great job as a non-casher and that key is to stockpile. I have so many times on my server and in my guild emphasize the key of stockpiling soul crystals and mount whips. Both items are quite often event quests. In the case of soul crystals, you can get alot of kyanite as a bonus for only using in event quests. In the case of mount whips you often get more mount whips for completing an event quest. Take my character as an example. I have lv 3 hat, lv3 armor, lv 2 weapon, all of it is from hot events and never bought charms or cores because got them in hot events or spire (respectively). This very well shows how much stockpiling soul crystals and mount whips to use on event quests can greatly pay off.
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      Originally posted by Kingryan View Post
      I've done bg once, and some player was amazed by my br, (which is 73k, level 58 knight, 200% blessing)... She then asked me what is the level of my fate. I told her it was fate - level 4, and soul crystal level 21... Then some player answered that question (even though he was not asked).. To my surprise, he said his fate level is 16 (woah!) and his soul crystal level 16 (probably a new player)...

      I've been a non-casher and a non-balenor (no free balens), and I was able to easily defeat this player.

      Non-casher's secret is time.. If they give more time to the game, they can become powerful as some moderate cashers.
      Which means - "patience"
      Impressive 73k br level 58 non-cash and non-balen. Well, I believe some of those who complain just seem don't want to give either time or money but want "fair" fight with cashers. Simple as, if you can't pay, be contented you can still play without reaching to your wallet. And if you don't have a lot of time to play, be contented still that you can still play with your limited time. I didn't know of any situation where those who didn't give anything won against those who have given something? Now, if y'all insist you also give time with this game, it is now the measurement of how much time your opponent have already spent will determine who will win.