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A most useful addition for Guild Masters.

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  • A most useful addition for Guild Masters.


    Having been a guild master across a couple servers now there is one thing you could add that would aid us tremendously. Please set it so we can automate the Tree of Ancients. Especially around the Holiday Season it is often times difficult to be here every day at the same time. I know you think your game is the schizzle but we also have life in the real world too.

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    heheh ,I like this one. If the g m misses one time he is scre wed. An automatic tree sounds great


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      Funny thing, was just about to go into the forums and suggest this.

      Here what I would suggest:

      Set time for ToA
      Set time for DA
      Set automatic guild chest(like you can put 1-30 on the people, if you get 6 chests, 1-6 will get it)

      This or ACTUALLY MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR ASST GUILD MASTER TO DO THOSE THINGS! GAH! (I will still be giving away my guild master position during x-mas)


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        what I really hope for is add power to Assistant able to summon tree, don't need more 1 or 2 assistant can do the tree summon is all I asking, you just can't be there everyday to summon tree, need someone able to help.


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          I'm G.M. in my Guild, too, and I would love to see this happen, it would make things a great deal easier. Also, giving the G.M. the abilities to assign Asst. G.M. permissions would be a good idea too, it will also make it so the G.M. doesn't have all the burden and can delegate tasks, especially when the G.M. can't be online for Real Life reasons.

          Thank You,

          Server 208


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            I notice no one from R2 rang in on this...and yes if you can't add the time set perhaps you can make a second level of Asst GM that has elevated privileges.


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              I fully support this! It would be great if us G M's would be able to select specific abilities for our a g m's. I'd like to be able to let my a g m's spawn tree and altar when I can't be on, so people don't suffer for it.


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                Suggested before, but still good idea.

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                  I so agree. G.m.s are very tied down here, and ToA is important to the guild. It makes sense to give the g.m. the ability to automatically schedule tree time, or allow a.g.m.s to summon the tree. Real life happens, and it would be great if r2 could accommodate their clientele.


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                    Especially around times like these, christmas. No one knows if they can make a certain time, with all family time and such. Bet many people will get angry cause of the summon being different and such. Why set time would help us guild masters so we could basicly say "Summon is at xx:xx, come if you can, if not, to bad!"


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                      yeah good idea, tree and DA, sometimes got hurt when g.m cant login on that time b/c any reasons, make it auto cast or at least give officers or asst to have summon it button
                      -West Coast S115


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                        good idea but assistant who they select they can only do that not all assistants

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