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Suggestion: Change of Venue for the world bosses

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  • Suggestion: Change of Venue for the world bosses

    So as many of you might have noticed, during the world boss event the leader board is usually stacked by archers. I'm not complaining that archer are over powered. I'm concerned that the event is archer biased. After reading the forums its seem that the community itself has come to the conclusion that each class excel at a certain type of role, i.e archer=single target, mage=Multi target, warrior=tanks.

    I think we need to change the venue for the world boss events so that each boss is biased to a certain class. Since we have 3 class we can have 1 boss event each tailored toward each class.

    My suggestion:

    For Archer:
    The current boss event already favors them, so no changes there.

    For Mage:
    The boss is not one target but multiple targets sharing a common health pool. This will help with the mage's ability to excel vs multiple target.

    For warrior:
    The boss is immune (or take reduced damage) from player damage but takes massive damage from troops. Also the boss cannot attack random row, but is force to attack the front most row at all times. This will help warrior by tanking into account their tanking ability and putting themselves in the front row and tanking while their troop deal the larger portion of the damage.

    I'm suggesting this because currently only the archer are getting the goodies from the boss, making them more and more powerful while the rest is left behind.

    Input from the community is welcomed and if the community feels this an improvement to the current system, I hope the developers take this suggestion seriously.

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    I really like the suggestions! So you have my vote


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      The problem is this event is only 3 times a day while pve stuff that is always around can favor other others at times, catacombs generally for knights and large groups in multi dungeons for mages to aoe.

      So unless they change how those other parts of the game works only going after one thing won't work other then to boost the other classes where they have their uses unaffected.

      Also it is not a huge deal as right now I can usually just reach the .5% gold bonus about half the time and with the other 50kish of gold and daru that means each world boss I do, two a day as the other one is too early since I am a night owl, I get about 110,000 gold and 50,000 daru and that can easily be 40,000 gold less if I do not get the .5% gold bonus that has been added now.

      While most knights my level / battle ranking get the .3% gold bonus and around 40k of gold and daru from the normal attacks so that's about 60,000 gold and 40,000 daru.

      I am ignoring the other bonus for top 3 and 1% as in those cases only spenders can get it almost always and I have seen all three classes get them although the 1% damage is becoming rarer and rarer as more people level up and kill the boss.

      So that's a difference of only 50,000 gold and 10,000 daru each world boss and that's really only about a extra hour of plants for the gold and even less for the daru.

      Also if you make the world boss easier for the other classes that will mean less gold as the boss will die that much faster.