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Guild Shop Vs Mystery Shop

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  • Guild Shop Vs Mystery Shop

    I have seen this far to often and has tipped me over the edge, with laughter.

    Who in there right mind will spend balens to get something, that in essence is free.

    In this case:-

    LVL 5 Power Potion 95 Balens vs 100 contribution in the Guild Shop (100k Gold)

    LVL 4 Intelligence Potion 35 Balens vs 100 contribution in the Guild Shop for LVL 5 (100k Gold)

    I know that there will be people that do not have a Guild shop at a high level or even in a Guild, but come on guys, put something in the Mystery Shop that is not available in the game for free.

    Click image for larger version

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    They do have things that you can't get in-game.

    But you have to spend even more Balens to "refresh" to find them first. LOL


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      yes actually that is the purpose. I see a lot of people complaining about getting common stuff in stores, spire, hot events chests and so on claiming that they should give you only uncommon items when in fact wartune is all based on luck. you want more luck? pay balens and increase the chance