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Mage 7th Astral (LvL 70) - Pros And Cons

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    Originally posted by Linazz View Post
    it doesn't at early lvls. But when you get higher and start doing big amounts of damage that 10% dmg boost you'll get won't compensate for the loss in dmg rof - damnation wise. as damnation will hit 4k while your rof might hit ...idk let's say 12k. In order to compensate for that 8k dmg you just lost there you need to do 80k dmg in 3 turns ...

    Lower lvls it CAN be good. I remember I used it anyways... back in the days
    It was great back before people had L60 PvE Gear. It would do as much damage as Thunderer in a Mage v. Mage battle. Now, it's meh at best. The only reason to take 2 ranks in it is to open up Delphic Hell Frenzy to max. That's a nice power in group arena when you can fuel it w/ a Rage Rune and get off a BL as well.


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      Originally posted by Zorich View Post
      I would agree with you pre 2.1 Part I Patch. Have you actually tried it since then?

      It's been wonderful for me, personally.
      I dont see this dodge dmg to 1 often still...
      But if for u this work nice, super each one have own preferences, i prefere astro which give me profit all time,not few times per day and usualy not when i need it at most xD


      Crit Mage 80v
      ~135k Br



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        Im lv75 and have damnation maxed for MP runs (lych NM) and it works like a charm, i go double archer knight + me usually and +10% dmg bonus to the whole group
        for 5 turns is quite a big jump, for bosses 1 and 3 the options are bolt/rof or bolt/damna (for me) and the second option seems to work better overall, i love a bit of
        damage myself (quite gets compensated by just awakening when heals arent needed) and the rest can dish out more dmg.