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Two different versions of Wartune

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  • Two different versions of Wartune

    I see two different version of Wartune when you google 'wartune'.
    One is and the other is xxxxxxxxx.

    What's the differene between the two games/versions?

    The other version is co-publishing the version we designed. It is the same game, but not the same support, forums, events, and so on. Ours is better

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    No difference except for the statements you mentioned


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      Lolzzz......I really want to know..
      How did they copy it to this extent x.x
      Even the Loading screen is the same
      Well atleast for one thing..It has less servers ..
      Game: Wartune
      Server: Edena Village
      Name: WarriorAsh
      Level: 34
      Class: Mage
      Battle Rating: 11,100
      VIP: Yes
      *I dont buy balens*
      Guild: DarkSlayer
      *Dont Forget to join it *

      Guide On Academy :
      Guide On Farm : Currently Working On It :)


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        There is a difference. One version is this site, and the other version is the R2 site. Go ahead and Google wartune and see. I started on the actual .com wartune site, and my account isn't linked to the ones on this site. I just created this account to see. I can't play my game on this site, the r2 site, only on When I started a toon on this site I notice that my game takes up the full screen, whereas on yours (this site) you have the banner bar on top. It also seems as though there are different sponsors, so the vip benefits may be different. Our site has only 5 servers, and the server numbers aren't the same servers. There are other differences as well. I'd actually prefer if I could login to this site using the other site's credentials... as your site has the nice banner bar with the tickers for world bosses and such. I'm already VIP on the other site for a month, so i'm staying there.


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          This is interesting, but compared to homepage of Wartune between them, I prefer R2..
          Enjoy the Game