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<Zodiac> - Recruiting active members. [Temple of Ibalize]

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  • <Zodiac> - Recruiting active members. [Temple of Ibalize]

    Hi all, Shermie here.

    Zodiac is recruiting active and friendly members to join our guild, we're a friendly bunch of players and very talkative during the day. Our main focus was helping new players enjoy and learn the game more but now as we progressed as a guild we're hoping to get stronger.

    Our current stats-

    Guild Level: 4
    Skill Tower: 3
    Shop: 4
    Altar: 3
    Vault: 3

    We're working on upgrading everything before moving the guild up to level 5 ^^ we have no requirement for now other than being active.

    If you'd like to join, apply in the guild tab (shortcut is G) and type in Zodiac.
    You'll be accepted as soon as one of our assistant guild leader/officers are online.

    Also if you have any questions, feel free to reply to this thread / pm me ingame.

    Note to the mods, you moved our previous post to the news/events sub-forum and it got deleted. Keep it here for now please untill we have a guild sub-forum, thanks!

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    ♥ Shermie ♥

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    Bump bump bump.
    ♥ Shermie ♥


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      Skill tower is level 3 now with all skills
      Last edited by xCrimsonXero; 09-05-2012, 07:12 PM.
      ♥ Shermie ♥


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        And now we have a level 4 shop.
        ♥ Shermie ♥