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lvl 70 vs lvl 60 L

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  • lvl 70 vs lvl 60 L

    given a choice which is better?

    assuming full lvl 5-7 gems and enhanced till mostly 7-8 useful stats?

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    Leg is always better. 50leg better than 60 normal, 60 leg better than 70 normal (due to enchanting, extra socket and the refinement stats that increase when legging a piece).
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      Legend 60 is better than standard 70, if it was max enchanted. And the extra gem slot helps a lot.
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        you should get atealsth 2 parts leg, if u get 2 parts of 70 set LEG (weapon+armor) it will be better then 60 leg set.


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          Equipped with Lv 5-6 gems, Lv 50 Leg is comparable to Lv 70 Normal. Lv 60 Leg is clearly better.

          This makes collecting Lv 50 Leg a tricky decision because it will take forever and a day to collect Lv 70 Leg. Skipping Lv 60 is not advised.