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Best suggestion ever!!!

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  • Best suggestion ever!!!

    I have really great suggestion guys!!! Its the best suggestion ever made here in wartune!! SO!!............ Lets all GM-s or moderators be more ***** active on forum!!!Because we "users" feel rly bad to typing with game problems to our selfs.... I did few tickets but still no answers. Game its new so ppl are busy with playing. But Ill give you and advice! this will end soon and ppl will want to get some repairs, new events etc. And you are not even on forum. I know that post is pointless bcause non of GM will read it, but still I have hope they will!!
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    N1 post. They dont even post what they fix if and when they do it, they just say "Hey we released ANOTHER server". They are just focusing on releasing servers and this is getting BORING. Since the game was released there is a grey "Download miniclient" box and "skill calculator" in the homepage, but they didnt say anything about how the work is going or when they think they'll release them. And id like to see events for everyone not for only those who are in the top rankings and spent alot of cash to get there like the last one( i am one of those who got the high rating bonus event and i still i do complain for the rest of the community). Speaking of what you said about the gm's, professional work is an option here. ^-^