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getting naked for tok.

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  • getting naked for tok.

    i am interested in how it works, because on our servers region it is not practied its a period of the day when they need to be naked so they br will be fixed for tok, like tree or server reset? or we nee to fight at the moment they get naked. ty and in case i cant post something like this, then i am srr.

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    3:15 – ToK takes top 4 by BR to NM mode.
    5:00 – ToK takes their BR.
    7:00 – ToK puts new info in.
    So basically top players need to take off their armor before 5:00 but after 3:15…
    and you need to do ToK after 7:00 if you want the new data to be in.
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      so if they get naked at server reset , the info its filled 2 hours later and then until 3:15/5:00 you can fight it