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  • Stun in Solo Arena

    I reposted this thread because OxyKotton completely spammed the thread with his complete drivel.

    Stun in Class Wars is banned - why? Most probably it gives all levels a fighting chance because battles are not level restricted. What ever the reason that same reasoning should apply in solo arena where there is no level restriction. I am sick of weak level 70+ coming in in the last few minutes nearing rewards redemption and jumping me down significantly solely because of the fact they can stun me. Commonly in bg and team arena I make the comment - without stun you got nothing. With me fighting these guys cant win. But against AI, its an easy win. Rewards at the top of solo arena are significant so allocation of rewards based on who got in in the last 30 secs is ridiculous. I would suggest the following for solo arena

    1) Stun (and sylph transform) be eliminated.
    2) You cannot challenge someone more than 5 positions above you. You should have to climb the ladder just as you would have to do in any fighting tournament.
    3) A compulsory cool down period of at least a minute (I would vote for 3 as in CW) before you can engage a new battle.

    This would make the position allocation much more about strength than about lucky timing