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  • Four random suggestions

    Bug database
    An archive-like forum thread with the detailed list of all the reported bugs, a small description of each bug and the percentage of fix. I'm thinking about a thread where only developers can write but open to everyone, with real-time updates. Something like this:

    Bug Name (eg: "Ghost tank in TT") – Description: blah blah blah – Reported by 127 players/on S361. Status: Queued/Ongoing investigation/Fake/Fixed on + date.

    I think it would be useful. First, we'd be aware of what the current bugs are. Second, we would know what are the ones currently being fixed by the developers (and it would also be a clear instrument for us to see them working – no offense, just saying). Third, I think it would be useful for developers too as a way not to make the same mistakes again and as a handy tool to get rid of bugs faster when they appear more than once.

    More "Hide... " options
    Hide all Sylphs (pretty much self-explanatory). Hide other players' clothings. No, I'm not talking about anything depraved. I'd just love to see the option to hide those magnificent Apollo Wings or all those fancy clothes that are as much stunning as they're painful for my video card. When this option is checked, other players will be displayed "naked" (like when you create them at the very beginning of the game), or wearing their normal armour, at least during PVP events (eg: GB, arena party, ToK). We could still see clothings currently equipped via status panel. Also, the possibility to check/uncheck these options permanently, the same way I'd love to hide permanently other players in Cloud City. There should not be the need to hide them over and over again every time I log in.

    Redundant panels removal
    This one is pretty annoying, at least for me. It also makes me feel stupid. Would it be possible to make some panels less redundant or to close/hide them permenently please? What's the point in showing me the EXP recovery panel, the HOT merchandise panel, the CW wagers panel, the CW qualification one and so forth, every time I log in? The CW qualification one is particularly irritating because it prevents ANY action untill you close it. Let's think about all those players that need to repeatedly refresh during World Boss fights, for instance, and that can't start the fight nor click anywhere on the screen untill that thing is gone. Please, this would be so easy to fix. They can be a useful reminder, but I think one every 24 hours would be more than enough.

    More transparency
    It would be nice to see participation from the developers, from R2, from 7Road or some kind of official spokesman on the forum. The way it is now, it feels more like smoke and mirrors or a one-way rant system. This is a videogame but it's also a service provided to customers, and as a (paying) customer sometimes I feel abandoned. Marketing teaches that brands should try to build trustworthy relationships with their customers, not put them in the awkward position to think they're being laughed at. So, please, make it happen: make it possible for me to trust you.

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    your suggestions, are good in a way, but you have to realize that r2 or any other host or developers are there to make money, in any way they can make you spend they will try, and its a flash game, they have there limitations


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      Money? Limitations? I'm sorry but I don't get your point. None of the things I've suggested involve money, not even one of them. I didn't ask for sales, I didn't ask for promotions, I didn't write that the game is not fair and such. I didn't ask to re-code it nor to polish the graphics either. I shared some ideas to improve it optically and all the modifies I've listed above are actually minor, doable tweaks. Are you telling me that if I don't see the EXP recovery panel at least 10 times a day, they won't make any profit? Or do they really think I can't chose between smooth graphics, nice gameplay and a pair of Apollo Wings (which, by the way, are just pretty decorative, because they offer the very same bonus as any other pair of wings)? Would it be such a big problem for them to write a "Merry/Happy Something" post or a "Thanks for chosing Wartune and not that other game" post every now and then to save face? Because that's what I'm asking for: a pathetic, fake way to try to save face and pretend they care would be enough for me. I would appreciate the effort. Which one of the ideas listed above would prevent them to gain money, exactly?