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  • Just out of curiosity...

    Does anybody know of modifies or changes that were actually brought into the game because they were suggested here? If so, what where they about?

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    none, everything was straight from the Chinese.

    Except for the Flame Dragon set, which is already in Chinese but brought here when someone said they want the armor.

    Too bad instead of it being easy obtain and low cost, R2 made it a 500 USD deal.

    Suggesting anything here gets ignored almost 100% of the time, this forum is mainly for trolling and flaming, there's rarely anything useful around.

    If you want to suggesting something "for reals", you need to head to 7Road and type in Chinese.


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      So 209 pages of suggestions were completely ignored. Isn't this a scam? What's the point in creating a "Suggestions & Feedback" section if every new idea is automatically ignored?

      Are you guys happy with it?


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        Its here judt to make the page look good....forget about forums if you get answered to ticket with a solution you are really very lucky, You can even win a million dollar lottery.
        Sarcasm Intended