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  • trinkets and rings

    i have a level 40 jewel

    my choice is:
    1 level 50 jewel cost 400tokens
    5 lvl 40 ring shards cost 400tokens for upgrade lvl 40 jewel

    which is better? assuming maxed refine
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    lvl 40 epic is better than lvl 50 normal
    lvl 50 epic is better than lvl 60 normal
    and so on
    Sarcasm Intended


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      In my opinion , legendary is better than the next normal one in rank because of the extra socket, so the order would be 40 normal, 50 normal, 40 leg, 60 normal, 50 leg , 70 normal, 60 leg, 70 leg

      As for which is worth depends on your playing style depends on your playing style, as a person that rushed throught levels, I didn't leg any of the lvl 40 and 50, while the slow levelers leg both 40 and 50. The lvl 50 leg trinkets seems to be the most common