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Chests in solo and multiplayer dungeons

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  • Chests in solo and multiplayer dungeons

    When defeating enemies, sometimes you might notice "a wild chest" has appeared.
    Most of the time it's not a problem to pick them up, but if you're doing Demon Temple Nightmare for instance... and you're halfway through a key run.... *poof* connection lost.

    You just lost all of the chests you wanted to collect after the key run.

    My suggestion is to implement the option to send ALL equipment from chests immediately into your bag, instead of having to pick that damn chest everytime.
    Personally, I'm really sick of losing stuff in key runs, due to a connection timeout.

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    this was already suggested about 2-3 months ago, to enter directly in your bag or in your email. As you can see the suggestion wasn;t approved. Good luck with this one, I would like to see it implemented


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      Me too. 50 key runs and got dc'd...I almost cried.


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        Did not know of this! never dc:ed in a key run... will pick up chest after each battle now xD