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Dear Admins/GM`s

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  • Dear Admins/GM`s

    My dear Admins and Gms what i have read there are much mistakes and some Problems and that you dont reply to tickets... I only have 1 Problem... and that is with you Admins when you don`t care a bit about your own game and don`t even try to help the community or when you guys are just too LAZZY to manage a game then just don`t make one! It`s really stupid seeing how this game is working! I mean this game is really good and all those stuff but the Gm`s and Admins who manage it are just ****! You don`t even tell us when the market is comeing you guys are not telling us what the homestead should be.. you are not even saying yeah guys we are making this and this fixes and blablabla you are just trying to get new Servers before you try to help the community it is just STUPID, maybe you are not even reading the forum i just saw 1 whole post excepted in the announcements from a GM i dont know if there are more but many people seems to need help and what are you guys doing? Nothing! Yes i don`t know what is needed to run a server how much time it needs and all those stuff but i am a player from this game and it just sucks to read the Forum and to notice: Are the Admins/GM`s are not doing anything for the game they are just sitting there and then they seem to forget about the game... and what`s with that client button there is no client... and what are you .... doing against the unbalance? Even when some players say it`s balanced it isn`t Archers dominate complete the warriors are *edit* like hell and the mages are somewhere between those sides. But maybe that`s more your language: Like that you will loose many people who would maybe pay money later to get items and those stuff... but with such Gm`s/admins or whoever is running this game this game will end as complete garbarge! -5 for you guys who run the game when you are really so active how you guys seem to be! And making the market only for paygamer... have you guys completly lost your sense? What kind of illness do you guys have?!?

    I am sorry for the many mistakes and the spelling but english is a foreign language for me and i can`t use words i don`t know i hope i got everything what i wanted to say in this text...
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      This game*(Wartune) is not nearly finished yet, it is still in the beta testing phase, the post to complain about Bugs or something is in the Bug reports the GM's seem to be reading this 1st(both Wartune and r2games).
      At least 1(r2games GM) posted on that forum and said they would.

      This game(as they both know still needs a bunch of work and in all seriousness they COULD tell players this much, "That we are in the process of developing new content" "and as we come across problems we will be addressing them as we are adding new features to the game" but before they say anything about content they(r2games) needs to be told about it from the GM's 1st from the makers of Wartune and the Development team at Wartune which is working on improvements for the game everyday.

      In essence it is an information trafficking problem from the Creators of Wartune(and the development team) who need to inform r2games, then r2games can inform the players here. It is really kinda silly r2games not speaking up more on this subject to players. Life is what it is tho!

      I hope I have helped to clear up some of what is happenening of course I don't know everything(I am not an employee from either company) I am just like you a player here and I have investagated a little more about what is going on with this game....

      then again everything I just said may all be wrong(not likely but could be) if a GM wants to come in here and correct a few statements I made about this, By ALL MEANS please do SO as we would welcome this but not likely as I said they have to wait for the guys at Wartune to offer solutions to bugs and more content that is able to be added to the game and when a projection date is expected for it. Then r2 games would have to agree to add it. for example Wartune games may have a promotion going for New members this week 10 Soul gems(or whatever) and 50k gold. But r2 games says we don't want to add that yet this week or wartune says we can't give you this promotion this week(problems with this promotion transfer right now we should have it fixed in a few more days 4u) because we have been working on a major bug problem on your servers that we will fix in the upcoming maintenance. Just for example. But they really do have events and promotions(as well as content not really sure about content tho) up that r2 games has not or could not activate for us here for 1 reason or another.

      So, most if not all of what I have explained is true(unless corrected by GM's or r2 games directly). I only offer this information so you(players) can have some insight as to why.


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        All my tickets were answered.
        This game is great. and brand-new. You must try to understand. thousand players sending messages, and some messages are completally idiots with no sense.
        I'm not seeing this problems. play as you can. and stop to say **** about it.
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          Im not complaining about how buggy game is but totaly 0 activity of gms And they should be very very active since its new game Its rly first game when im feel like there are no owner atleast till i need to pay real money then Im feeling very much this game have greedy owner ><