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    Hello everyone,
    I am sure all of you guys are aware of this issue and it has been posted many times before but the prices of inventory for wartune are a bit outrageous. With the changes in 2.1 the prices of farm upgrades went down due to the vouchers to balens ratio of 20:1 but that did not happen with skill reset or inventory prices. As of right now my next upgrade in inventory would cost me 590 balens. Considering that now the highest amount of bound balens we can get is from guild blessing and it is 4, it would take a very long time to get to 590 bound balens. We used to be able to get 30 bound balens from mystery chest but that was quickly eliminated and now we can only get 3 making it a complete waste of a skeleton key. So if you guys could take this into some serious consideration, I and many of my fellow wartune players would greatly appreciate it. Im sorry to say but 6 dollars for one extra row of inventory is way too much especially when it used to be free. Thanks for your consideration and I hope that something can be worked out for the benefit of everyone.

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    isn't that nice that they remembered to 'fix' the bug of 30 balens so it can give us 3 but completly 'forgot' about the inventory/reset skills? I am sure they knew about this when they fixed the 30 bb but oh well...maybe some people actually pays money for them.
    I really don;t want to imagine the life of people starting on a new server right now...
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      lol, i read this and this is exactly the reason why i did not start another character. Well noted Draggyy.


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        new free players, strictly leave this game. Don't waste time here