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Vip Tokens

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  • Vip Tokens

    Hello everybody,

    Did you ever got VIP tokens and tought that u was gonna win something usefull?
    Forget about it.

    I have spinned that wheel for like 60 times so far, and all i gotten was those !@# seeds and when ever youre close to a awesome gem, it just skips to a potion.
    Pretty lame.

    GM's do something about it?

  • #2
    Know what's worse? Non-VIP members getting that **** when they can't even use the wheel. VIP is screwed all around.


    • #3
      lol actualy vip+belan is a waste of money i bougth 1month vip+8k belan n u can actualy do nothing rly good with that so gf 90$ lol
      they need to add better stuff n more benefice for vip player


      • #4
        ohh cmoni can agree with VIP wheel but stup saying this bullshits about how item shop poor is, i can understand you are totaly noob in game like this and with out pure PAY TO WIN game u cant do a **** but COME ON!


        • #5
          you can get seeds. lots of seeds. i just tested it, tried to open it just 2x (3 tokens each run) for 20 consecutive times, 19 times i got 2 seeds, and once i got 1 seed and lvl 1 def potion. lol

          its not just that u get seeds, its how u get it. It literally goes superfast and slows down right before crappy potion/seed.

          edit2: i just got lvl 3 luck stone on 1st try, it even skipped lvl 1 def potion (there were no lvl 1 crappy seeds this round). and i feel like a won a jackpot. its that bad

          tldr: vip wheel certainly wont make people go vip, in fact it will make me stop being vip. just in case people with power read this, either change it or remove it completely, its a joke and shows no respect towards vips intelligence :P

          edit 3: i got lvl1 def potion on 2nd try of course xD
          Last edited by bambuucha; 09-03-2012, 05:44 PM.


          • #6
            I have stop my monthly Vip. It too obvious that the vip wheel is hacked. you will always get 1 of the lowest 3 items. i can actually pick out what i am going to get cause i already know the lowest 3 items listed. Cant get my money back but i aint giving any more money. Promotion or not. You cheat people who pay your salaries... hopefully people with stop buying balens and vip. That should teach you a lesson.
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            Level : 80
            Guild : HERMES
            Br: 155miln


            • #7
              yea VIP wheel is rigged it will always give you the most useless item and slowly work its way up to the good stuff the larger the amount of tokens you have to spend to spin again in 1 session


              • #8
                Just don't use it then. LOL
                VIP has other benefits anyway.

                But I agree, the VIP wheel is ****.
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                Name: Cashmere
                Guild: Kingdom



                • #9
                  I started another thread not knowing about this one and got a response that the wheel mostly lands on the weakest item/least rarest. The wheel should be set to have an equal chance to land on anything, just more ** from a company that is more about the $ they get and less about the people giving them the $.


                  • #10
                    All wheel games are like that, in every online game. A wheel is to make you assume it is equal chance, while in reality a RNG from 1-1000 would be better as anything under 10 would be rare items and any number above 10 would be common item.