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  • Astrals

    What is the rate of receiving pristine or holy ? ! i spent millions on astrals and got nothin`. purple upon purple and that`s it. i managed to buy a pristine crit. astral, but nothing more. it`s really frustrating....

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    Unfortunately random is random. I've had characters get 3 pristines by time they made it to 200 star points, and I've had others that still didn't have one by time I hit 7k star points. Frustrated with my current character as well. Level 40, between 2500-3000 star points, and I'm using 3 purples and a blue lol.


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      most of us just buy our reds/yellows with astral points.
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        you shouldnt be frustrated with not getting any red / orange yet... you should be frustrated when you finally get it and trying to level it ^^
        and for the rate... i usually get an orange after spending around 10 m gold... never bother about getting red... since i bought them all and finally get some after... dunno how many m gold spent
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