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World boss lag (worg lair)

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  • World boss lag (worg lair)

    Seriously, you guys are making new irrelevant servers instead of fixing some of the major issues your players, paying or not, are facing.

    Starting today September 3, 2012,
    I have been having massive delays on all world boss events.

    These are the the effects and commonalities:

    -The delays take minutes.
    -Even chat is delayed.
    -We are unable to leave the boss room.
    -Refreshing does not help.
    -The delay or super lag disappears after the boss event.

    This is not a hardware issue. I hardly ever lag in dungeons, multiplayer or not.
    I don't lag anywhere else.
    Server: [S3]Worg Lair
    Name: Cashmere
    Guild: Kingdom


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    It can happen a bit but generally I am fine here with only a little bit during the event when I am there.

    I just did the world boss a bit ago and had no issues.

    Also I do not know where the game servers are but you being in japan could be a issue if they are located far away.


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      600+ players at the same place

      ..the lag is normal for a typical pc and internet connection..

      what i do to lessen the lag is to refresh before the world boss starts

      my only problem is i can only take 14-18 attacks xD

      cause those pioneer players are too damn good
      Server: S3 WORG LAIR
      IGN: LordFireMage
      LVL: 4X


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        The massive lag started on the 3rd. before that i didnt have any. i have 5mbps line, i dont download when i play. But i test downloading at 500k+KBps and did a MP run at the same time. i did not lag at all. So this issue is not on the players side. Its on the server side. It not the line either. Its the servers ability to respone. In other words, they have to fix the problem not us.
        Server: S3 Worg Lair
        Class : Archer
        Level : 80
        Guild : HERMES
        Br: 155miln


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          I play with 1000 mbps internet connection (Japan benefit) and my box is more than capable of running this game.
          I've never had the problem before and I've been playing for nearly 2 weeks now.
          It just started yesterday, and I wasn't the only one having the issues.
          Server: [S3]Worg Lair
          Name: Cashmere
          Guild: Kingdom



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            u know wats better have few rooms of the world boss so each room have a limit of pple in it so we all dont get cluster *** in same room and all the room wb all connected meaning same as having 1 wb room or change the lvl requirement for WB to be able to enter to lessen load of player makin u battle lag cuz lvlin from 1-20 takes half a day/1day


            • #7
              Or make a new option in the "option menu"
              "Hide other player characters on screen"

              That should take care of most lag during WB