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Few suggestions that are needed

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  • Few suggestions that are needed

    1.) since it is required to have snapshots of anything including harassment, then logs for main chat should be put in like they are for pms this would help alot of players when u ask them for snapshots of convo's or whatever

    2.) reboot on servers should be more than once a week on very heavy servers this way it takes the lag from the players games

    3.) the bound balens are a joke we got more with the vouchers then we ever do with the bound balens either up them or just put the vouchers back in

    4.) when a player is reported by so many people on the same server it's a good idea to take a hint from that, not allow them to stay cause they spend money on the game it means that they are really doing alot of stuff against not only the tos but also inappropriate within the game which there is kids on this game since you don't have an age limit on here you should think of them not ur pockets

    5.) your earn balens thing is a joke half the stuff on those offers never pay out and when u report it to them they say u didn't full fill the offer which in alot of cases they have been but they are not wanting to pay out, i suggest you go threw every offer on those pages and the ones that do pay out leave get rid of the ones that don't and when a player does submit a screenshot of a claim on them it should not only go to those companies it should go to r2 also since r2 brought them into the game for the players to earn balens, alot of players are getting tired of these non pay out offers that you have REMOVE THEM
    IGN: Wickked
    Level: 80
    Class: Archer
    Guild: Skypea
    Server: 186 Windhollow
    Br- 308 M