I'll put it so even the most idiotic person understands:

Chinese wartune price: 1x
Chinese wartune drop of BB: 1x

R2 wartune price: 10x(or something redicolous like that)
R2 wartube drop of BB: 1x

See the problem there? cause of the IN GAME prices being so high, you have doomed Bound balens. There's really 2 changes you can do to fix this: Increase bound balens drop rate with 10x of what it is now. Most likly 7roads put 30 BB as drop rate in like blitz, cause your prices are so high, not cause it was a bug as you guys said.

Or you can just reduce the price in game, but increase the cash you have to pay for balens.

Alternative there's a 3rd option, which is making that when you buy stuff with BB it has a special lowered price with this.

Would love if a mod could actually type here and say that he will forward this, would be awesome. I though BB was awesome, until I realised it didn't actually do anything for the non-cashers.