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    With all the new server coming UP. Its bound to happen that players jump. Some players just jump to start afresh, others in the hope that they would do better there. But as they jump it leave a hole in the old server. Especially in the guild which they belong too. Sudenly the guild becomes too inactive and unable to grow. There are a number of guilds in each server which just have too few active members.

    And its a problem for active members in the guild because they have limited resources and cant donate much to guild to take to the next lvl. And if they think to switch to a better guild, there contribution gets wiped out and all that gold wasted.

    What i would like to propose is. If a person jumps guilds his contribution doesnt gets wiped. i.e

    Player X belongs to guild A

    He contributed 500k to guild A to get guild benifits like Power lvl 1 and Defence lvl 1. But now guild has become inactive, player X has excess of gold to contribute to guild but not enuf to take guild skill tower to lvl 2. Now he is stuck. If he switches guild his 500k investment is lost.

    So if somehow he could retain his previous investment points, when he switch guilds wouldnt that be great.

    Of-cource he loses the benefit of guild skills when he leaves Guild A but when he joins Guild B he has already 500 guild points with which he can buy skills from the Guild B. And hapily stay in guild B which is more active and progressive.

    Just a thought, feel free to critisize.