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Please redesign our city.

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  • Please redesign our city.

    We now have six buildings in our main city that have no names and that we can't click.

    If they aren't supposed to fill any function, could you just please remove them? It would be less annoying.

    Best, Thomas
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    maybe they are coming soon as the one near our town hall


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      Supposedly the latest Chinese version of the game does have a redesign of player's village. Not sure when that will show up on the US servers though. In addition several of the city buildings are now NPCs in the Sky City (ie: Tank battle icon is now an NPC with a Tank icon over his head).
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        I should like to be ablet to chek Bongy Halls quest and Arena etc some the old ways. Not only into the City.

        Man should be ablet to chooes where man can check it, so bad man need run into City for noting.
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