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Colorful Decor sell or delete option please

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  • Colorful Decor sell or delete option please

    This is just a plead thread for a sell or delete option for the Colorful Decor you can get from the holiday sock things. I can not buy balens right now, it's not possible in any shape or form for me. And when/if I do buy balens one day, I'd rather not waste them on little things I can earn in game. I'd rather use them to buy socketing rods, wings, clothes or fashion cores to help better my gameplay. As to the inventory space they take up, yes right now it's just one spot. However I can't stand having things I can't use in my inventory and my guild vault is full. I'm very OCD about bag space in games, and those little useless things bug the **** out of me. Please, just let us sell them for like 1gold or something little like that if we can't delete them. All I ask for this holiday season. Thank you for your time.

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    DITTO! To force anyone to buy balens is shady at best in my opinion. If there will be no "sell" option the very least you could do is allow use of bound balens.


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      I also hope that thing can be sold for gold, I don't mind if it cost balens to open, all I want is for it to not consume any space on my vault or bag if I don't want to spend to open it.