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    Dear Wartune,

    (Suggestions that will save time)
    1. Decrease the number of attempts for party arena to 10, and triple the rewards. You have done this for MPDs, and it has worked well.

    2. Decrease the number of attempts for solo arena to 10, and double the rewards.

    3. Make tank trials 15 minutes maximum.

    Wartune, I believe these suggestions are also in your best interest. Many players find the game fun, but too time consuming. You continue to add content which increase demands on time, which actually ends up pushing people away in many cases.

    Miscellaneous suggestions

    4. Assign numbers to all the astral buttons (1 through 5). I'm tired of clicking on all of them.

    5. Focus on fixing lag issues before adding any more new content.

    6. This suggestion has already been stated, but when patch 2.1 arrived, some of the prices for things (backpack slots, re-assigning skills) essentially increased in price by a factor of 20, without prior warning. It would behoove you to be more clear in the game with players on how pricing structures might change when patches are introduced so that players may plan accordingly.


    Ebonmoss 162 - lvl 63 Mage