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Cross Server BattleGround System

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  • Cross Server BattleGround System

    I play a lot of cross player BG and there is so much player who keep his level on max range of battleground room. Meanwhile he keep raise his BR for purpose bullying the new server. This is suck when I see old server always bully new server. I think there should be a change like this on BG dryard blessing.
    A New server player who killed by an old server player will receive 20% dryard blessing at first death
    when a new server death once again from an old server player, he get 40% dryard blessing at his second deat
    and more.. 60%, 80%, 100%
    This will make Cross Server BG more balanced
    Please respon this, because there is so much complaint bout this case. If anyone have an idea that can solved to balanced the cross server BG, I will glad to hear that.
    Thanks for reading.

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    well I don't have any good idea regardng this but i do disagree with yours. If that were to happen the dryad shall be abused and a player from a new server will have a daily 3 k honor by bulling the older server ones for their honor, they do give a lot more honor after all so why wouldn't you?
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        And then there will be more practice of level 37, 44 stucking. And more camp raid on BG. And the most annoying is this old server who stuck his level and up his BR is enjoy bully them. They even stuck their level for 5-7 month just for get pleasure of bully the new server??? Many people jerk on them but what we can do? Even I try raising 5-10k at my BR and buy more balen it's nonsense, we will get level up soon, and the other stucking level on higher place will ready to bully us. Even with new stuff from balens we still get bully??? Come on please solve this. If you play on oceanic server you will know how much player stuck his level just to do this. I think this kind of raising dryard system is fair idea.


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          NO! Just because it benefits you doesn't mean it is a good idea. 20% dryad is too much, it will be much easier to abuse. What you players on new servers will do then? Dryad bomb those who are in old servers? Especially in levels 50++ brackets the dryad is soooo much effective since it is a % multiplier. The higher the value it will multiply, the higher value it will add from the stats. And mind you, not all players that are from old servers are bully. Besides, you also do the bullying with the newer servers than you, aren't you? Usually those who scream "Bullying!" are the bully themselves.
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            How about making a BG just for one person, and have them attack their mirror character like in summons? <--------- Sarcasm by the way

            The BG's are what they are, either live with it or don't participate in them.
            There have been several changes to the BG in the past, and after every one there is an backlash saying "The BG changes are not fair".
            Dryad's as a whole are not fair, and if any change needs to be made to the BG then it is for Dryads only to become active when YOUR ATTACKED, not when YOU ATTACK. This would stop dryad bombing pretty sharpish


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              The reason a person keeps raising his BR while staying in a certain level bracket is never to "bully the new servers". It is for maxing your honor at your current level bracket thus making you capable of going up one bracket without being a bloated jelly bag.

              Further it is actually easier for a person on a new server to get a respectable battle rating at lower levels since the World Prosperity is lower but then again all anyone on the new servers seem to think about is to race to the top of the food chain in their own little playground by level rushing like crazy, and then they whine when they get absolutely trashed by people who have built their characters with more intelligence and patience.

              To sum this up the original post is the worst idea I've heard for quite some time and yes I do freely admit I am a level camper who hears all these complaints all the time, but when I enter my 55-64 BG and encounter a knight with level 18 templars I cannot help but think "what the hell are you doing here?"
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                All right I think so much to get into a fair system.
                Bu maybe that idea will never be realized so whatever with that. I'll stay on every R2 system apply for BG. I'll fight this and show on their level stucker.
                For MolochMage, you dont understand what player i mean about
                It's very fair to stay at BG if you want raise your honor for a reachable tittle.
                Like me, I decided not to fast leveling up for reach certain tittle, but I can get it just in a couple week
                So I will level up when my tittle is finish, I still can compete on top rank at my server.
                But, how about this player? Are you really sure he want to get lord divine on 44? Man, i see them on same level 5-7 month!
                Thats so weird because if he do that, he will never can compete with other player in his server right? Then he will become a trash on his server right?
                This type of player is... He choose to become a trash on his server, and throw up his dream to reach top rank, "because he know, he don't have chance to do that, he is trash in his server anyway (a poor one), and he will replace that dream with jerking, bullying new server."
                I got my tittle, but I still can compete on top rank, thats the different, seek honor or hopeless guy and got pleasure form doing something idiot.