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mage skill tree

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  • mage skill tree

    hello, i could use some help. in the wartune skill calculator, it says meteor 3 doesnt need castinator level 2. in wiki it says it needs castinator 2. which is correct?

    also, does blessed light give 10 rage to the mage casting it?

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      also, does blessed light level 2 obtainable at level 46? or is that a typo and should be level 56? because puri3 needs level 50


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          Please stop bumping the thread up, it is against the forum rules

          5. Powerposting, spamming, bumping, and flaming will result in the post being removed without any further notice.

          To answer your question, i can only answer the BL part, in which to my own experience of being one of the healers in my team, i and my team mates get 10 rage, but not every time it's cast.
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            I did checked the wiki constantly in order to plan the order of my skills, and they seemed correct, i couldn't have lvl 3 meteor without castinator lvl 2 from what I remember, and I think I had bleesed max at lvl 46-48. Can;t remember for sure though. + 10 rage for sure :P


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              so, puri3 isnt a requirement for blessed max.


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                ohh my bad, I remember being upset that i was forced to take lvl 3 purification, so yes at lvl 50 I had it, sorry for the misleading....lvl 3 puri is a must, sigh

                another thingy that i remember is mana master which requires lvl 18 for lvl 2, but it needs lvl 2 heart elemental which requires lvl 26. Some skills are so meesed up lol

                Guess it is a typo in both cases
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                  Puri 3 is a requirement, need lvl 50 for max BL.
                  Yes, BL gives +10 Rage to all, unless a chaos rune disrupts it.