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  • Troops

    Wich are best troops ?Paladins or Gryphons?

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    I like paladins so far. Makes good damage plus i have it high level. I would choose paladins... That is my opinion.


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      It depends on the level but for me, i would rather choose Gryphon.. Moving thread to Game Discussion at Wartune


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        Get gryphons but you may still need to upgrade your Paladins. [*whisper at Peersez]
        They have these stun
        Have high amount of HP
        Have high damage

        Gryphons are stronger because they are unlocked at level 30 compared to Paladins which is at 20


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          Mark - maybe you can answer a question about troops while you are in here. I'm wondering the whole mechanics behind the troops. What exactly does each troop that dies equate too. what i mean is when a troop dies in battle how many troops does it remove from your reinforcement que. I always wondered since i'm constantly recruiting around 6k gryphons about every 3 runs through a dungeon.
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