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Best Soul engraving event ever!

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    Originally posted by MaccteN001 View Post
    You said wartune is your side game, yet you are grinding for blue sylphs? O.O If a game is just my side game I'll never gonna do the most grinding task of it. XD

    Anyway I agree with Oxy, this soul engrave event is really good...
    I already stated many times before...

    Farming isn't actually grinding...

    Since all I do is click on sylph, auto-attack, click on sylph, auto-attack

    I don't need to be on Wartune window constantly... so it's a side, since any games I play is always in Window Mode.

    Play Wartune Sylph farm in background while I play other games in the front.


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      Originally posted by vitamina_c View Post
      had 12k + soul crystal, made 500 uplifting souls, nice event
      now you can buy apollo, if you don't have, or you can just exchange for mahras

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        Originally posted by Flame_Ace View Post
        now you can buy apollo, if you don't have, or you can just exchange for mahras
        Ugh, I don't think anyone will waste that on Apollo :X. Apollo is good but marha is so much more important lol.
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          what is this i dont get it?

          is this for old server only?
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            Mahras Mahras go for it Apollo is wastage coz u gonna have to save again first Mahras then whatever man I intend to upgrade it to epic ten bingooooooo