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server time/in-game server clock

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  • server time/in-game server clock

    i cant see server time. where is it ? help pleasee thankssss ^^ newbie

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    There is no in-game clock yet to display the exact server time. This have been suggested before but still, moving this to suggestions section to get more feedback and attention.


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      For the time being if on world channel just PM them and tell em to look at time just posted, if in guild/party


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        We are working on a world clock, just for the moment we're trying to figure out if we want it to anything more than just tell the server time.
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          oh oh oh oh... "raises hand at the back of the class" Mister Storm could we please have the clock pop out and give us an alarm for each daily event since the big flashing banner obviously isn't big enough for some of us to see. And can I set the clock to remind me that i've been online with this game since it's release and other than a few hours of sleep each night have been connected and to go my game obsessed butt to bed. Again thanks to you GM's for providing me another addicting game that in my opinion should be the reason why world leaders should make days 48 hours long instead of 24 so that my lousy 20 hours a day on CS and Wartune can now go even longer :P
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